Founded in 1960, Allit AG can take pride in a proven track record of success: With the consistent implementation of its corporate philosophy "Expertise & Knowledge create sophisticated technology", the company has established a reputable name for itself as a high-quality manufacturer of successful and innovative products made of thermoplastic material. Since Allit never relents in its efforts to create tailor-made solutions for customers representing a wide diversity of requirements, many "classics", such as storage bins and tool boxes, have been designed to evolve with the times and, today as in the past, are appreciated helpers in any professional environment or DIY workshop.

Allit put their customers first, delighting them with premium product quality and excellent service, and seeking long-term ties with our suppliers. Allit not only accompany their customers from the earliest conceptual phase to the final product, but we supports them with comprehensive commercial expertise when it comes to launching products into a particular market. Due to Allit’s association with Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH, an equally renowned manufacturer of non-contact optical and multi-sensor measuring instruments, Allit is also able to create highly accurate and precise technical parts.

Four business segments constitue the corporate pillars of Allit AG:

-Business Segement Plastics
-Business Segment Storage
-Business Segment SLO
-Business Segment Packaging

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