For more than 160 years, Freund has been pursuing a family tradition, namely the design and the manufacturing of state-of-the-art, handcrafted tools. These specialty tools, MADE IN GERMANY, are designed for the roofing, sheet metal, plumbing and carpentry industries. Freund specializes in high quality, traditional and innovative hand tools for craftsmen working on roofing and sheet metal roofing.

Longtime experience has certified Freund reputation as a leading manufacturer of the world’s finest handmade tools used in the said industries.

Objective is to allow craftsmen to save time and money, by using our high-quality, ergonomic tools. By word of mouth, more and more craftsmen have joined forces with FREUND …your tool.

Large and varied product line includes thousands of tools in every design and size. Slate hammers, rippers, anvils and roofer’s hammers, tile cutting pliers, manual scissors for cement tiles and fibers, hammers for plumbers, trowels, saws, knives, measuring tools, hatchets, axes, sheet metal scissors, special tools for roof and front walls, the list goes on ...

Freund is ready to face any challenge regarding personal requirements that a customer might present them with and take pride in satisfying our customers with our innovative solutions.

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